Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Beginnings

New beginnings!  Don't you just love new beginnings?  Everything feels fresh and new.  My children have just started a new school year this week, with new clothes, new school supplies and renewed excitement about a new school year.  So......... although the plans for my blog have been in the works for months, I'm excited about beginning something new.

Welcome to a place of encouragement and sharing.  My focus will "bee" quilting with a touch of other loves:  faith, family, and food.  (Can you tell I'm from the South?  SMILE!)  Hope you'll stop by often.

Buzz for now,

P.S.  Enjoy the picture.

A beautiful barn in Hartford, Kentucky with a quilt block.
More Kentucky barns with quilt blocks to come.


  1. Oh Merritt, It's wonderful to have you blogging! I always enjoyed your posts on APQ and we have missed you very much. Welcome! ann...

  2. I agree with Ann; it is great that you have been re-discovered here! No doubt you will find that most of the APQ gang are here. I look forward to reading more about you quilting projects! ---"Love"

  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome, fellow APQ blogger. Make sure you grab out button to display on your post. You are gonna have such a great time!


  4. Welcome to blog land :) I look forward to reading your posts. Love the barn quilt :) -Joanne

  5. Welcome to the blogging buddies group! I love the picture of the barn, if I had a barn, I'd paint a quilt on it too!

  6. You gave me a great idea! I have a small, small barn, that needs a painting!
    Welcome to the blog land!
    Ana Maria