Monday, March 21, 2011

Joining "Just One Star"

When I learned about "Just One Star", I knew I wanted to participate. Soooooooooooo, I printed the instructions from modafabric. and got busy.  What a worthy project!!

Here's my start:
I'd like to encourage my fellow quilters to take part in this wonderful project.  I found it just as quick to cut fabric for 2 blocks as for one, plus with chain piecing they went together in a snap.  While you are sewing your blocks, you can say a prayer for the soldier that will be the recipeint of the quilt with your blocks.

Let me know if you decide to join in.  I'd love to see your blocks.
Buzz for now,


  1. I mailed off 14 blocks at the beginning of the week. When I saw this on another blog, I just had to join in, too. Really made me feel like I could do something to help out! Good for you, your stars are so pretty!

  2. Your stars turned out great! I made two and sent them on their way Saturday. I would have made more, but the "cream" was a limiting factor in my stash.

  3. It's a terrific idea Merritt. On April 25 (equivalent of Memorial Day I think) Australia and New Zealand will stop to remember those who served and gave their lives in various wars. We will also be reminded of all those young folk on active duty in places like Afghanistan. Ann :-)