Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Abbey Bags

As a beautiful Sunday comes to an end, thought I would share some pictures of some Abbey Bags I made for some special quilting friends of mine, a group of ladies that meet on Tuesday afternoons to stitch and share. 

These bags are sooooo much fun to make.  I have probably made over 20 now as of last count, for perfect little gifts. 

This week I will be teaching The Abbey Bag pattern at my guild's workshop.  Everyone has bought their own pattern and was given a little "homework" to give them a headstart in preparation for Thursday's workshop.  I plan to have move Abbey Bags pictures to post after class.

Hope you've had a great weekend.
Buzz for now,


  1. Such a nice gift for your friends. I bet they'll all be thrilled to have them.

  2. So cute! Have fun at your workshop! ---"Love"

  3. Very sweet, I need to get that pattern. These are fun and useful!