Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stilling Buzzing Along

It's been too long, but still buzzing along with my quilting. Perhaps I'll be able to keep up with posting more often.
I wanted to share that I entered two quilts in my very first quilt show!!  Landmark Park is a local agricultural learning and activity center. This past weekend they held their Heritage Days Fall Festival, which included a quilt show and juried quilt contest. Our guild, the Enterprising Quilters' Guild was asked to participate. As the guild president, I encouraged our members to enter their quilts and challenged myself to place two quilts in the contest as well.  Seven of our guild members entered the contest.  I am pleased to announce that all seven of us placed or received an award. The following are pictures of our quilts:
Best of Show and Best Machine Quilting by Linda West:

First Place Team/Group Quilts by Diane Howse
Quilted by Linda West

Third Place Team/Group Quilt by Merritt Crawford
Quilted by Sharon Russelburg

First Place Miniature Quilts by Karen Callen

First Place Applique by Kathi Campbell

Third Place Applique by Karen Callen

First Place Wall Quilts and Judges' Choice 
by Merritt Crawford

Second Place Wall Quilts by Kathi Campbell

Third Place Wall Quilts by Judi Rairigh

Judges' Choice and People's Choice by Karen Keevert

It was such a joy to see our ladies rewarded for their beautiful quilts.  I was very humbled to receive the awards for my quilts and I'm blessed to be able to enjoy such a wonderful hobby in quilting and to do it with such great friends.  Hope you enjoyed seeing our quilts.

Buzz for now,


  1. First off, it's great to hear from you again. Even better is to hear that you entered your quilts in a show! Fun, isn't it? But work! You and your guild should be very proud of your quilts; they are all wonderful. I love your flowers! Hope to see more of your work soon. ---"Love"

  2. I'm glad you're "back"! I hope you do get to keep up posting because those quilts are awesome. Congratulations to you and all the ladies in your group for your wins!

  3. It's good to hear from you! Wow, what beautiful quilts, congratulations to all!

  4. Thank you, Love, Katie, and Marsha for welcoming me back and for your kind comments regarding our quilts.